The BIG 5 Personality Traits

april 27, 2021 Door admin

Mooi en niet al te lang overzicht van de persoonlijkheids- (karakter-) eigenschappen. Even wennen aan presentatie, want hij neemt je in behoorlijk tempo mee door alle eigenschappen. Maar fijn om af en toe als samenvatting te beluisteren.

A personality is an evolved solution to the problem of an overly complex world. Personality shapes our perception, and defines the way one looks at the world. We are social creatures. We are not alone. Co-existence is at the core of our social function. We are, in a sense, a dynamic amalgam of different personalities and in order to co-exist we should first understand our personalities and then find a way to bridge personality differences with one another. And the most apropos tool we can currently use for this endeavor is the big 5 personality traits model.

0:00​ Intro
2:10​ Why big 5?
4:07​ Extraversion
5:53​ Neuroticism
9:16​ Agreeableness
10:56​ Conscientiousness
12:48​ Openness to Experience
15:17​ In closing

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