Essence of Systems Analysis and Design

maart 26, 2021 Door admin

Een boek met een behoorlijk uitgebreid overzicht van analyse en ontwerp technieken wat eerlijk gezegd niet heel prettig leesbaar is. Inhoudelijk goed dus, maar je moet er je tanden wel even inzetten.

The main objective is to provide quick and essential knowledge for the subject with the help of summary and solved questions /case studies without going into detailed discussion. This book will be much helpful for the students as a supplementary text/workbook; and to the non-computer professionals, who deal with the systems analysis and design as part of their business. Such problem solving approach will be able to provide practical knowledge of the subject and similar learning output, without going into lengthy discussions. Though the book is conceived as supplementary text/workbook; the topics are selected and arranged in such a way that it can provide complete and sufficient knowledge of the subject.

Delen is vermenigvuldigen!